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We are an applied research company that helps organizations and U.S. Government agencies make research-backed decisions that affect their customers, employees, and the citizens they serve. From evaluating advertising effectiveness, to assessing customer service performance, to testing the usability of a new mobile application, our team of highly trained social scientists works to fully understand each challenge. We then identify the proper approach and techniques that will provide the insight necessary to help clients make evidence-based decisions. If you haven’t already gathered, we love what we do. We look at every business challenge as an opportunity to answer the question – ‘why do people do what they do?’

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The Team

We work hard to maintain a culture that fosters learning and growth, values education and promotes open communication for both clients and employees. As a result, we continue to grow each year, broadening our organizational capabilities and continually adding talented and driven professionals assembled from the best academic programs and research firms in the country.

  • Leadership
  • Senior Research Team
  • Research Team
  • Operations
  • Sean Marsh


  • Ben Garthwaite

    Senior Vice President

  • Brian Griepentrog

    Senior Vice President, Research

  • Katherine Ely

    Vice President, Military Research

  • Andy Blenkle

    Vice President

  • Jason Marsh

    Vice President, Operations

  • Sarah Evans

    Director, Communication Research

  • Megan Fischer

    Director, Marketing

  • Jennifer Gibson

    Director, Scientific Techniques and Analysis

  • Michael Karim

    Director, Military Recruiting Research

  • John Low

    Director, LearningTechnologies

  • Kinsey Gimbel

    Director, Applied Cognition

  • Laura Severance

    Director, Military Personnel

  • Bill Walton

    Director, Personnel and Development

  • Kimberly Wyborski

    Director, Data Collection

  • Alessandra Raimondi

    Senior Researcher

  • Ashton Jacobe

    Senior Project Manager

  • Caitlin Moynihan

    Senior Researcher

  • Carrie von Bose

    Senior Researcher

  • Jonathan Mendelson

    Senior Scientist

  • Jonathan Strohl

    Senior Researcher

  • Joseph Luchman

    Senior Scientist

  • Kara Marsh

    Senior Consultant

  • Lindsey Strausser

    Senior Researcher

  • Morgan Haight

    Senior Researcher

  • Natalie Namrow

    Senior Researcher

  • Ron Vega

    Senior Scientist

  • Sarah Keaton

    Program Manager

  • Sidney Carl Turner

    Senior Researcher

  • Stephen Busselberg

    Senior Scientist

  • Thad Hall

    Subject Matter Expert

  • Abigail Jacobson


  • Adrienne Thrasher


  • Alyssa Marciniak


  • Andrew Hale

    Business Development Specialist

  • Ashley Barbee

    Program Manager

  • Brock Brothers


  • Colin Macfarlane


  • Edward Pierce


  • Emma Gardiner


  • James Khun


  • Jenny Kim


  • Leah Alley


  • Lindsay Thomas


  • Lisa DeMelfi


  • Mallory Mann


  • Marina Zhou


  • Melissa Bleiberg


  • Michael Siebel


  • Nikkita Sarna


  • Pengyu Huang


  • Samuel Evans


  • Tina Kurian

    Senior Researcher

  • Alexis Ramsey

    Social Media Strategist

  • Azadeh Abbasi

    Financial Analyst

  • Blake Kosciow

    Data Entry Associate

  • Christina Daugherty

    Human Resources Manager

  • Chris Weaver

    Graphic Designer

  • Craig Kessler

    Project Manager

  • Deepthi Lomada

    Software Engineer

  • Hillary Hackett

    Office Manager

  • Ivan Sciupac

    Technical Editor

  • Jennifer Norris


  • Johnny Diep

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Kasaundra Coleman

    Finance Associate

  • Lindsay Matthews

    Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Mahima Pant

    Survey Administration Supervisor

  • Marcus Kotwicki

    Software Developer

  • Mary Beth Lombardo

    Business Development Specialist

  • Nicole Eisenstat

    Human Resources Generalist

  • Nelly Rubin

    Design Supervisor

  • Patrick Samsel

    Contracts Manager

  • Sarah Mason

    Technical Editor

  • Xav Klauberg


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