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Smokey Bear Turns 70; Gets Us Fired Up About Public Health Branding

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Happy (early) birthday to an American icon! Smokey Bear was created on August 9, 1944 through a partnership between the Ad Council, the U.S. Forest Service, and the National Association of State Foresters. Though his tagline has evolved a bit from the original “Smokey says, Care will prevent 9 out 10 forest fires,” the underlying call to action has remained constant – and Smokey’s message is still going strong in what is the longest running public service campaign in U.S. history.

His now recognizable catch phrase – “Only you can prevent forest fires” – speaks to a common tactic in this sort of campaign. Get people to believe individual action is important and impactful. Like the many other... more


FMG Heads to 122nd American Psychological Association (APA) Conference in DC

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Tomorrow kicks off the start of the 122nd Annual American Psychological Association (APA) Convention in Washington, DC. The conference runs from August 7-10 and offers an ideal opportunity for professionals across fields of psychology to attend over 87 continuing education workshops, connect with colleagues at social hours, discuss projects with poster presenters and learn from panelists at sessions.

APA 122nd Conference

This year, Fors Marsh Group will be represented by Dr. Jen Gibson, Dr. Sarah Evans, and Ron Vega. If you are attending, make sure to join Jen and Sarah at their paper session entitled: New Perspectives on Military Recruiting and Training, which takes place on Saturday, August 9, at 9am. Ron will present a poster, “Parenting Style on... more


Conference Season Not About to Slow Anytime Soon – Looking Ahead to Fall

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On July 22 and 23, Fors Marsh Group sponsored and attended the DC Chapter of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (DC AAPOR) Summer Conference. In addition to poster presentations, there were three panels that provided some great information worth sharing. The first panel focused on incentives and adaptive design, in which the speakers discussed new findings, such as the fact that a $5 dollar incentive results in a 16% increase in response rate compared to no incentive at all. That number increases to 22% with a $10 dollar incentive. In other words, spending money up front to incentivize your respondents to complete the survey leads to a dramatic increase in response rate, and the more you incentivize, the better response you’ll... more


The ROI of UX Research

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It would be tough for anyone to argue that user experience (UX) testing prior to launching a product is not beneficial – we only need to look at and Lawn Darts to see why. The success of design changes following a UX study can be easily assessed with traditional metrics like error rates and Likert scale satisfaction ratings. These traditional metrics make it easy for UX researchers to pinpoint successful and troublesome areas of a product. However, how do traditional metrics of user experience, like errors and satisfaction, impact the bottom line?

To see how tough that question is to answer, imagine you are proposing a usability study to a CEO. He has heard your spiel on assessing the user experience. You’ve... more


Fors Marsh Group Partner Leaves to Pursue New Opportunities

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Arlington, Virginia – July 16, 2014 – Fors Marsh Group (FMG) Chief Operating Officer and co-owner Jason Fors is leaving to explore other entrepreneurial ventures. Although a partial namesake of the company, once he departs, the Fors Marsh Group name and brand will remain intact.

“Founding and growing Fors Marsh Group to become the successful company it is today has been the most rewarding endeavor of my life,” Jason Fors said. “I’m grateful to have worked with such an insightful leadership team and impressive group of employees. As a result of our rigorous research efforts and consulting, we’ve been able to provide information that helps clients shape policies and improve intricate programs. I am extremely confident FMG will continue expanding their offerings and reach... more


Focus Group Best Practices: Homework

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Typically, a qualitative research interview or focus group consists of strictly the data that is collected from your participants during a focus group or interview. But you can also ask participants to complete a “homework” assignment before they even get to the group. Homework assignments can be assets to your project, because they can help you:

  • Collect additional data without taking up time during the group or session itself.
  • Gets your participants engaged with the topic matter before they get to the group. As a result, you may be able to jump more quickly into the main discussion once the actual group or interview starts.
  • Weed out participants that won’t be engaged, or tip you off to who might be... more