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Importance of Career Development In Organizational Success

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In celebration of National Career Development Association’s National Career Development Day, we wanted to mark the occasion with a blog post dedicated to the importance of career development and remind organizations to invest in more structured career development platforms for their employees.

Hi Megan to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012), individuals hold an average of 11.3 jobs between the ages of 18 and 46 years old. While this may be surprising to older generations where it was common for someone to begin and end a career at the same company, many employees see job-hopping as the best opportunity for growth and material gain. Particularly in an environment where the economy has been blamed for a... more


While the Cat is Away, The Mice Will Play: E-Cigarette Advertising Runs Free... For Now

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Let’s play a quick game. Let’s imagine you see commercial with an attractive young celebrity on TV holding a cigarette, saying it’s a “perfect puff every time,” enticing you to purchase these so you can look as cool as him or her. Cue another scene, you’re at the race track and you see cigarette brand sponsorships plastered on the cars and drivers. What decade am I thinking of? The 1960s? ‘70s? Actually, no, I’m thinking of this decade, right now. But instead of the traditional cigarette or cigarette brand, it’s the e-cigarette (or electronic cigarette) – a new product that’s spreading like wildfire.

An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that looks like a traditional cigarette, but does not contain tobacco or produce tar and carbon... more


Kicking the (Red) Can: Coke Comes Under Attack Amid Concerns About Obesity

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Show-stopping tagline of the week: Happiness doesn’t come in a red can. Obesity does. The “can” the ad refers to is Coke, and the ad (part of the Howard County Unsweetened campaign) asks people to choose healthier beverage options.(1) It moved me – kind of. I saw the ad. I hit print. I hit send. I grabbed the two people within earshot, and I shared. And…I proceeded to finish the Coke I was drinking.

Then for three days I’ve thought about why. I was excited about this ad. It grabbed my attention. I’m still thinking about it. But, it wasn’t enough to make me give up my afternoon caffeine fix. The fact is it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. And my hunch... more


Eye Tracking Your Mobile User Experience

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Mobile devices are transforming how we use technology. Pew Research Center reported in June, 2013 that 56% of all US adults own a smartphone (1), and that number is only expected to increase in the years to come. As a result of increased ownership, there has been a surge in usage of mobile versus desktop computers for exploring online everyday needs – from checking email and social media, to shopping, banking, document creation, and socializing. For example, Pew also reported that 32% of US adults now bank using their mobile phones (2). As a result, the usability of mobile platforms and applications is more important than ever as people rely on their handheld device.

For the average mobile user, even after becoming comfortable using a... more


Hope Springs Eternal For (Sorry, DC Sports Fans) Those Who Watch Underdog Narratives

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If you're looking for an excuse to veg out in front of the TV this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Your favorite guilty pleasure may have a positive impact on your well-being – if it has an underdog narrative.

In a recent study (1) published in Media Psychology, people who watched underdog narratives (2) for five minutes a day, for five consecutive days, reported feeling more hopeful than those who watched comedies, nature scenes, or no videos – and their hopefulness remained elevated for up to three days after viewing the final narrative.

Hi MeganHope has been linked with psychological and physical health, coping ability, and commitment to goals. And, the big “so what” for these results is that those... more


FMG Awarded Multiple Contracts to Assist Government Agencies with Research Efforts

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Arlington, Virginia – October 13, 2013 – Fors Marsh Group has been awarded multiple contracts to assist in the quantitative, qualitative, and usability research efforts for the following agencies: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), , U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Market Research Services

--FMG was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to assist the CFPB in conceptualizing, developing, deploying, conducting, and analyzing a range of CFPB research to create, provide, and support CFPB’s work with, including but not limited to, consumers, financial institutions and other entities. Market research services will include both quantitative and qualitative consumer research. In addition to FMG serving as... more