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Our Top Five Most Visited FMG Blog Posts of 2017

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The Fors Marsh Group blog was busy in 2017, publishing 27 blog posts with insights from our experts into how we solve the toughest challenges. Here is a list of our top five most visited posts:

  1. Changing the Public Perceptions of Excessive Drinking
  2. By: Claire Constance, M.P.H.

    Excessive drinking, no matter the situation, increases the risk for serious health issues—even in the short term. Changing the public perception around excessive drinking starts with changing how risks are communicated.

  3. FMG and Facebook Partner to Challenge Human Factors Students at 3rd Annual Usabil-a-thon
  4. By: Jon Strohl, M.A.

    Fors Marsh Group and Facebook collaborated to create this year’s Usabil-a-thon, which challenged graduate students to create a photo-sharing and visual-messaging app that would resonate with teenagers across three markets: Japan, Brazil, and the United States.

  5. To Really Address Fraud Claims, Conduct Comprehensive Election Audits
  6. By: Dr. Thad Hall

    With fake news and election fraud claims in the news this year, FMG’s election expert Thad Hall informs readers exactly how to tackle election fraud using a methodological election audit.

  7. UX and the Future of Personalization
  8. By: Emma Gardiner

    Website personalization has been on the rise for years, with big data enabling companies to segment their audience in real time. Ultimately, user experience (UX) and design will decide just how effective personalization is.

  9. Strategies for Wellness Behavior Change Messaging—National Wellness Week
  10. By: Dr. Elise Bui

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Wellness Week is a yearly reminder to the public to pay attention to their wellness. Broadening the scope of health communications and identifying additional targets for behavioral change will lead to new effective ways to help people lead healthier lives.

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