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FMG’s Wellness Committee Steps It Up for Health

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A lot of recent advertising and media uses scare tactics to get people to move more. While dramatic, it is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle can be extremely dangerous to both physical and mental health. As more Americans choose to treat disease rather than prevent it, some of the most simple reminders and suggestions are ignored for get-fit-quick fads and gimmicks. At Fors Marsh Group, we established a Wellness Committee in late 2014 with the goal of promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and the intent of ensuring employees have a chance to partake in office-sponsored activities allowing employees to move more – DURING the workday.

FMG Wellness Step Challenge

As most office employees can attest to, sitting at a desk all day can be tiresome and often painful (back pain, neck pain, you name it). Thankfully, there is a very easy solution – walking. Walking requires minimal equipment (proper shoes), is low impact, and best of all, it’s FREE. No need to follow gimmicky diets or join the local Crossfit cult…I mean gym.

With a very successful steps challenge in spring, Fors Marsh Group employees are teamed up to kick off the fall 2015 challenge today. Teams of four were established, pedometers were handed out, and all teams have to do is track the amount of steps they take each week. Steps will be tallied and winning teams will be awarded awesome prizes like FitBits, Athleta (or similar athletic attire) gift cards, healthy restaurant gift certificates and more. All participants will also receive a token of appreciation for their participation at the end of the challenge.

Surgeon General Step It Up

Very fitting given the timing of our challenge, that The Surgeon General recently put out a call to action to those across the country to not only walk more, but also increase the walkability of communities. Luckily, we work in one of the most walkable communities in the United States. With our office located in the Ballston neighborhood, we have many restaurants, shops, fitness studios, the metro, and even a biking trail all within walking distance. If you are interested in starting your own walking challenge, take a look at the suggestions and ideas presented by the Surgeon General here.

So, if you are in the Ballston community, and you see some large teams running (Tuesday night FMG Running Club) or Walk at Lunch on Fridays – you’ll know it’s us! Our last challenge was a great success with office-wide participation. We expect this one to be even better!

If walking isn’t a part of your daily routine – we suggest just starting small. Having a personal daily goal (such as 10,000 steps) and involving friends and coworkers is a great way to stay motivated and accountable. See you out there!

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