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Fors Marsh Group Awarded Task Orders from FVAP and CFPB

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Arlington, Virginia – January 15, 2013 –Fors Marsh Group LLC (FMG) recently announced they were awarded multiple task orders by both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP).

Under the CFPB task orders, the FMG research team will be responsible for analyzing mortgage loan application data for multiple financial institutions. The results of this analysis will assist the CFPB’s on-going work to provide oversight and enforcement of federal fair lending laws.

For FVAP, a longstanding client of FMG’s, our research team will work on two task orders to better assist the military and overseas voters exercise their right to vote. The FVAP Data Analysis Project requires that FMG analyze the operational environment and data collected in association with a kiosk-based Internet pilot project. The information reported back will help guide FVAP’s consideration of future kiosk deployments both within the United States and abroad. Under the FVAP Overseas Citizen Count Methodological Assessment task, FMG will be responsible for scientifically determining an estimate of the U.S. overseas population.

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